How can we help?

Now in person visits available

  • If you’re experiencing nipple pain, please contact as soon as possible! Pain is NOT a normal part of breastfeeding.
  • Building breastfeeding confidence (Maybe the most important way I can help you)
  • Prenatal visit in preparation for breastfeeding
  • Biological nursing reflexes in newborns
  • Skin to Skin and how to bring your baby to the breast
  • Breastfeeding in the first week: patterns and duration of feedings
  • Identifying your baby’s ques for nursing
  • Milk production and how to asses your supply and your baby’s intake
  • Breastfeeding positions and which ones feel comfortable for you and are efficient
  • Low supply (or low milk transfer)
  • The use of nipple shields or weaning off of nipple shields
  • Poor infant weight gain
  • Establishing a pain free latch
  • Identifying lip and tongue ties
  • Preventing engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis
  • Relieving engorgement and blocked ducts (I can use craniosacral therapy too, in addition to breastfeeding tips)
  • Tandem nursing for multiples or sharing with older siblings
  • Breast Pump: Should you at all? When to start and how do you store your milk
  • Supplemental nursing: droppers, cup feeding, bottle feeding, finger feeding, etc
  • Other commonalities of breastfeeding and best practices for resolving issues

    “We’re Mammals“ focuses on the newborn’s innate ability to breastfeed.
    Demonstrating baby’s feeding tools and the fact that they can breastfeed at least as good as a kitten can!

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