“Shaz is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She taught me that breastfeeding should not hurt and can be enjoyable. She is very thorough and will show you many ways to feed and ensure that baby has a good latch. When I recommend Shaz to friends who are having challenges with breastfeeding I call her “the breastfeeding guru” for the lower mainland. I highly recommend anyone struggling to contact her as soon as possible for one to one consultation. You will learn so much and gain peace of mind knowing that you and your body are doing the best you can for your baby.”
“The benefits of breast feeding have lways been important to me. Having so many family and friends tell stories of difficulties in their experience, I was orrified it may not be a possibility for me. I went into the breast feeding class with fear, questions and concerns. A few statements made by Shaz during her teaching clicked with me and it was like a light bulb went on and I realized for me there was no way I could get this wrong. My favorite statements were “We are mammals”…LOL! (duh) and “Our babies are smarter than we are, our bodies know how to make the baby without us doing anything and our baby comes out knowing how to eat without us un-learning them. Its instinct”. So true! All this made me think about how women have been doing this since caveman days with no doctors or information on how to “make” your baby latch. As soon as my fear was removed, my mindset changed and my first experience was relaxed, beautiful and without flaw. I have been breast feeding my beautiful baby boy without pain, without struggle and have loved the bonding and special Mommy time we have that only I can provide him. Knowing its the healthiest thing I could possibly give and do for my child is a beautiful thing. Thank you Shaz for all the information provided in your class along with reminding us of our own instinct. ;)” Her husband, Mitch Berger (former NFL player) on the breastfeeding classes: “Going into the breast feeding class I knew nothing about breast feeding. Afterward I felt informed and confident about how to support my wife and the importance of me knowing what she goes through and the benefit details on how important it is for our baby.”
“Emmet and I met Shaz about 3 weeks after the birth of our son, Levi in December 2015 (who was born a few weeks early). We had trouble breastfeeding from the beginning. We used all the available resources and met with many great lactation consultants, nurses, midwives and other mothers. However, no one had been able to help Levi learn to breastfeed and no one seemed invested in our situation. Shaz was so different than anyone else we had met. She was so warm, friendly and open with us. We instantly connected with each other and Emmet and I really felt like she cared and wanted to support our family to achieve our breastfeeding goals. She made a genuine effort to get to know us as a family. She was also very intuitive and present with our son. She had mentioned at our first session that she noticed something was not quite right with Levi. That night we ended up taking him to emergency and he was diagnosed a serious but very treatable illness. Our doctors told us we were lucky we caught it so soon. I know that we would not have gone to the hospital as soon if I had not have met Shaz. I will be forever grateful to her for speaking up and saying something to me. After my son was treated (he needed brain surgery), we met with her many times over a period of many months (for breastfeeding support and craniosacral therapy). The first few sessions of craniosacral therapy with her and her mentor, Brenda, were extremely powerful in healing all of us from the trauma of his surgery and the shock of his diagnosis. We left one of our first sessions after his surgery and cried in the parking lot for about 10 minutes. We felt so seen, heard and appreciated as parents and we knew our son was going to be impacted in such a positive, loving way. Each and every time we worked with her, the bonds in our family were strengthened. Although we never reached our breastfeeding goals (to breastfeed exclusively) , she made such an extraordinary difference in all of our lives. With her support, I have been able to donate 16 litres of breast milk to the hospital (so far- I plan to keep my pumping schedule to give all my extra milk away). So not only did she really help us, there are many babies that will get donated breast milk because of her! Levi has been fed my milk exclusively (breast and bottle). We will never forget her kindness, wisdom and generosity. I can honestly say, no one has made a bigger impact on my son’s health than she has and we will be forever grateful. I would highly recommend seeing Shaz for all your baby related needs. We did move out of the Lower Mainland but if we were still in Vancouver, I would see her once a month for myself and my son for the rest of his adult life.”
“Having Shahrzad come to visit me during the first days of being home with my twins boosted my confidence in myself and my babies’ ability to tandem breastfeed. She reinforced me with the belief that myself and my babies knew what do to, and made the space we needed for us to figure out tandem breastfeeding. Shahz also made a very big impression with my mother, who did not have a great opinion of breastfeeding but is now on of my biggest supporters. We’re now at more than 7 months of exclusively breastfeeding my twin boys! Craniosacral therapy from Shahrzad was also a huge benefit for me. I’ve had several treatments from her, and I’ve found they leave my body feeling loose and relaxed. The ‘untangling’ feeling was most obvious when she worked on a plugged milk duct I had, and when she worked on a lower back injury. Both times her treatements helped the healing process immensely. The craniosacral treatment cleared my plug milk duct completely, and it never came back! I love working with Shahrzad and would call her for myself, or refer her to any of my clients in a heartbeat. She is heartful, gentle, very present and skilled with her work. A real asset to the families of Greater Vancouver! “
Lauren Asperin

    “We’re Mammals“ focuses on the newborn’s innate ability to breastfeed.
    Demonstrating baby’s feeding tools and the fact that they can breastfeed at least as good as a kitten can!

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