“We’re Mammals“ focuses on the newborn’s innate ability to breastfeed. Demonstrating baby’s feeding tools and the fact that they can breastfeed at least as good as a kitten can!

Shahrzad (Shaz) compares her experience back home in Iran as a midwife to Vancouver, Canada as a Lactation Consultant. She’s noticed that there is less trust in baby’s role in this mammalian function here compared to back home.

The very characteristic we’re named after (mammals) is doubted. It’s been made very complicated.

She shows “WHY” some positions work better than others.

Interview with Dr. Odent, one of the world’s most prominent childbirth experts.

This isn’t an educational video, it’s a transformative one. It will change the way you look at a baby.

It doesn’t teach you how to latch your baby, your baby already knows that, it shows why you should allow your baby take the lead and be in charge of latching.

The objective of this video is to increase mothers’ confidence in their body and their babies’ capabilities. After all, “We’re Mammals!!!”

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